• Athens welcomes the Masters

  • renowned for their excellence and artistry in HRS
  • 1st European World Live Surgery Masters Workshop

  • Athens, June 12-14, 2020

Athens welcomes the Masters

renowned for their excellence and artistry in HRS

1st European World Live Surgery Masters Workshop

Athens, June 12-14, 2020

We welcome you to join us for this Masterclass Workshop

The 1st European World Live surgery Masters Workshop offers you the exclusive opportunity to meet, interact and network with true leading experts. An intense program with limited number of lectures to avoid “too much information” BUT ... unlimited discussion to exchange and share! 2 full live surgery days, 4 O.Rs each day with diverse and difficult cases.

Get the chance to attend at:

2 full days of advanced lectures & discussions | 4 fully equipped O.Rs with small groups of attendants | 2 full live surgery days with unique cases and repair surgery | FUE, FUT and Body FUE scar revision | | Combination FUE/FUT | Long Hair FUE | Eyebrow HT| SMP hands-on workshop| Exosomes | PRP | Stem cells | Black Market session.

SAVE THE DATE! 12-14 JUNE 2020, Friday noon fly-in, Sunday evening fly-out!

EURO2020 is the ONLY "long-weekend" workshop in 2020! See and learn all the latest advancements from the Masters, and still be back in office on Monday! 

Message from the 1st European World Live Surgery Masters Workshop Organizing Committee

We are excited to welcome you to the 1st European Live Surgery Masters ISHRS Workshop EURO2020 in Athens, in June 12-14. This 1st EURO Masters Live Surgery Workshop will update you in all current advancements in HRS and SMP and you will also see live how leaders in the field operate diverse and difficult cases. This workshop will help you deliver the best results, using the latest techniques, demonstrated by true leading experts. It will also give you the opportunity to personally discuss, meet, interact and network with these experts.

Why you should not miss this workshop

Many workshops continue making the same mistakes: they are designed as “vanity projects”, mostly to “impress” with a huge number of lectures, dozens of faculty members and many, many operating rooms that no one can follow through! No one can focus, no one can separate valuable info from noise and most will leave more confused than before!

In contrast, this is a “Limited Edition Workshop”.

A High Rank Faculty, leading experts in ISHRS and ABHRS will offer their insights, will operate and share the latest advances in the field bearing to this Masters Workshop an exclusive atmosphere granted only to a limited numbers of attendees. This intense learning experience is available for a limited number of attendees only. Lectures are limited and focused only on advanced subjects, avoiding “too much information”. However, discussion is unlimited in order to exchange and share advancements at the hottest topics in FUE, FUT, Body FUE and SMP with faculty and peers. There are 2 full live surgery days, in 4 O.R.s, with complete, real-life cases (1500-3000 grafts) in every room. We carefully designed an O.R. plan for small groups of attendants to avoid crowded O.Rs for a more engaging and truly didactic surgical experience.

The only "long-weekend" workshop in 2020

The 1st European World Live Surgery Masters Workshop is limited to ONE weekend so you can fly-in on Friday noon, fly-out on Sunday evening and be back to work on Monday! (But we suggest you better consider staying for some well deserved Greek holidays!) 

Unique and accessible location

The ISHRS for the first time will bring EURO2020 to Athens, Greece. The city of Athens is the birthplace of Western civilization. During the city’s Golden Age, great philosophers, scientists, writers and artists, such as Hippocrates, Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, Sophocles, offered their wisdom to future generations. Greece’s capital has blossomed into a popular city break destination that marries archeological sites, contemporary cultural attractions and spirited day and nightlife. This city will make the workshop not only a great learning opportunity, but also a relaxing weekend trip to getaway from your daily routine.

You don’t want to miss EURO2020! We are ready to welcome you to a memorable meeting!”

An All-Star Faculty from all over the world

Experts renowned for their excellence and artistry in HRS will offer their knowledge and insight during this intense Masters Workshop.

Meet the Faculty

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Questions? Contact us info@euro2020ishrs.org